What Has Changed?

Where do I start?  So much has happened in 2017 and the year isn't even over.  I feel like I have been so behind in everything, I blink and weeks go by.  Maybe this is how life is now?  Just a series of moments I recall and think: "that felt like yesterday, wait what day is it?"  

What did happen this year?  We decided to move back to eastern Montana from Billings, I decided to rebrand my business, lost a chicken, went on a few road trips, changed my business name, got twelve more chicks, Celia started first grade, and I've had the busiest year yet.  It doesn't sound that crazy, but for someone who loves stability and structure, it has felt pretty chaotic.  

Why the business reboot?  When I started out as Sunshine Photography, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted.  I have learned over the past four years that those things change.  I changed.  My priorities are different.  I found that after a couple years that I really had a disconnect with my business name.  It didn't feel like me anymore and I was finding that people I've grown up knowing didn't realize that Sunshine Photography was me.  I wanted a shift to take place in my work that was meaningful and more than just nice pictures.  And relocating physically was the right time to make these changes.  Its just taken some work.

My first step in the rebrand process was contacting Lindsey, with Six Leaf Design.  She created the website and logo for Sunshine Photography, and I still love every piece of the work she designed.  I kind of had a vision for what I wanted for the new brand, but she seriously took all my little tidbit ideas and beautifully crafted them into this majestic creature.  Ok that might sound like an exaggeration, but thats how it makes me feel on the inside.  I know that I don't have the time or knowledge to do what she does.  Let me tell you that outsourcing what you can't do yourself (or don't want to do yourself) is the best thing you can do.  Lindsey does fantastic work, and I cannot sing her praises loud enough (be glad that is an expression- I don't sing though, really).  I could tell you more, but feel free to look around for yourself.  Go ahead, click through each page.

Maybe you are wondering, what else has changed in four years?  What are your priorities?  What is this 'shift' that you speak of?  What I have found for myself since I started out, is that everything I do is deeply personal.  Sometimes I stand in my living room and I stare at the photos on the wall.  Some are photos that I've taken, some are old, some are new.  But they all have a feeling, a memory and an experience to go with it.  I look at them and am reminded that Celia will always be a free spirit, how it rained that one time we tried to take family photos and when we went out for dinner after, Celia acted like such a hooligan.  I look at our nieces and nephews and think how little they look and am reminded how fast time goes by.  I'm constantly reminded that things will never be perfect.  

The shift is about the feeling and the experience.  I don’t want to look back on our life together and see albums full of perfect smiles and hair (don’t get me wrong, they are nice, too).  Life is messy, lets enjoy this time in our lives, because it won’t be like this forever.  I want to preserve the imperfect moments in between the posed smiles and perfect hair.